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Specialty Packaging!

We can make any concept a reality thanks to our premier design staff and top of the line equipment. We will be glad to give you a quote and help bring your ideas into reality. You have many choices in designing cardboard displays and boxes

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History of corrugated board

The history of corrugated dates back to more than a century ago. Corrugated was born from a new paper usage and from the increasing necessity to pack and protect goods. Thanks to its basic raw materials, and despite considerable changes, modern corrugated packaging is not so different than that of our great grandfathers.

This ingenuous construction is and will remain profitable, modern, and innovative.

In 1856 two Englishmen, Healey and Allen obtained a patent for the first known use of corrugated. The paper was fed through a very simple hand machine made of 2 fluted rolls. The result was a nice fluted paper used as the lining in hats. The first use of corrugated paper for packaging was by an American man, Albert L. Jones who obtained a patent for the use of corrugated paper for wrapping fragile items such as bottles.