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Specialty Packaging!

We can make any concept a reality thanks to our premier design staff and top of the line production equipment. We will be glad to give you a quote and help bring your ideas into reality. You have many choices in designing a cardboard displays or boxes

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How do we work?

We are confident that the manufacturing process technology - from order receiving to final product - a guarantee of success of any industrial enterprise. Our job specifics and operating experience shows that a stable level of quality assurance and compliance with the terms of planned production is the most important tasks of forming the core of our corporate responsibility to customers.

Therefore, we devote particular attention that each order is made in accordance with predetermined procedures. How does it work?

Step 1

Existing and prospective clients places an inquiry on producing prices and the terms of production. Dealing with subtleties of the technological order, we calculate the price. If need be, to a maximum of quality and cost reduction - which is always important to customers - we can advise when to change the product characteristics. All this is done in close collaboration with the production team and customer representatives.

Step 2

Formulation of the final order is transferred to the production department. Technologists of this section - is another instance of verifying the conditions of accepting an order to production printing. Prepress professionals from the clients received materials prepare appropriate design and graphic design layouts. After written approval from the client, printing plates and cutting forms will be made.

Step 3

Confirmed order then goes to the production facility where under supervision process is carried out in accordance with pre-designed technology plan.

Step 4

Finished, counted, packaged and tested in accordance with the quality requirements, product is transferred to the warehose and ready to be picked up by the by the customer. If agreed in advance, we can arrange delivery.